Adoption Process

Pug Rescue South Africa do not "sell" pugs, we recover part of the veterinary costs which include:

  1. Sterilization
  2. Inoculation
  3. De-worming
  4. Microchipping
  5. Ear check
  6. Eye check
  7. Dental check
  8. Expressing of anal glands

The cost of adopting a rescue pug is R1 300 for adult Pugs and R3 000 for Pug puppies which are occasionally available.

Our pledge:

  • We do not place pugs on first-come first-serve basis. We take the matching process very seriously and our success has been the fact that we adopt pugs into compatible homes.
  • We will not place an ill or unhealthy pug up for adoption. We will also disclose any medical condition that we are aware of to the prospective new owners. There are some pugs that arrive at rescue and we have no knowledge of their medical history or the conditions that they were homed in. If the health of the pug is a greater concern to you than giving a rescue pug a loving home then perhaps a rescue pug is not the right choice for you.

If you have not owned a pug before we suggest that you do some research on the pug breed before completing the adoption application. It is important that you know that:

  • Pugs shed hair 365 days a year no matter how many times you brush them.
  • Pugs snore.
  • Pugs are NOT outside dogs, they were bred to be companions.
  • Pugs can live for 14 – 17 years. Are you prepared to give them a loving home for their lifetime?
  • Pugs are not very tolerant of exercise, however they love short walks and love to play.

Steps to adopting a rescue pug:

  1. Be 100% sure that the pug breed is the right breed for you and your family
  2. Complete the adoption application and either return via email to or fax to 0866602215
  3. You will be contacted by a Pug Rescue SA volunteer to conduct a home inspection
  4. When a suitable rescue pug becomes available Pug Rescue SA will contact you
  5. Adoption contract to be signed
  6. Regular follow up calls will be made by a Pug Rescue SA volunteer to ensure that the pug has settled down and is happy
  7. If the adoption does not work out for either the new owner or the pug then the pug will be returned to Pug Rescue SA – only Pug Rescue SA can re-home the pug

If you are sure that you want to give a rescue pug a loving and forever home then please complete the adoption application.

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