Chebu & Lula (CPT)

Chebu & Lula

Chebu Year of birth: 2013
Lula Year of birth: 2009
Arrived at Pug Rescue: February 2019

Our family were immigrating and unfortunately could not take us with them. We have been bonded since before we were bought off a breeder. We have had so many puppies that we eventually lost count.

We are very chilled, love to be with humans, sleep and bask in the sun. We always cuddle together and look out for each other. We both have cuteness powers … Lula is a real lady and can give the sweetest stare that melts your heart, where as I , Chebu, love to show my toofies when I smile which always gets me extra hugs and love.

We would love a family we could call our own,

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