Year of birth: 2011
Arrived at Pug Rescue: January 2020

Puggers please meet Maxi AKA Maxine the newest “Pug” at Pug Rescue.

While busy doing our Outreach work in Daveyton we noticed Maxi standing amongst the other dogs.

You see Maxi was no stranger to us, she was one of the first dogs we ever met in Daveyton six years ago and has been a patient of ours on and off for six years.

But this time things were different, one Maxi was not with her human mommy who we have grown to know and two Maxi was in a terrible state (not the great condition she is usually in).

We called Maxi’s name and she wagged her tail so hard it nearly fell off, after chatting to the man holding her he said that she had recently been given to him.

We kept Maxi in the care of our veterinary team while we made contact with Maxi’s owner who we have come to know over the years, we were shocked and horrified at Maxi’s condition (flea allergy, dog bite wounds, skinny).

Maxi’s owner told us that her children had gotten puppies so she did indeed give Maxi to her neighbour and never realized he had given Maxi to someone else.

This man admitted that he could not take care of Maxi and together he and the original owner surrendered Maxi into our care.

Please adopt me.