Success Stories

Here are a few of our success stories that we would like to told by our puggers

Alaska (Ally for short), started off her life in an awful puppy farm, that simply used her as a breeding machine. It is doubtful that she even had a name...was probably referred to as "cage 3", and was badly deprived of decent food, shelter and love.

Thankfully, Pug Rescue SA saved her from a life of intolerable cruelty, and managed to release her from the hands of an irresponsible, money hungry puppy farmer.

A few days after Pug Rescue saved Ally, I phoned Cheryl to enquire about adopting another little puglet for my mom, who had recently moved into a retirement village. Cheryl said that there was this little girl, who would be perfect. Continue reading...

Please click on picture to read Tracey's Kroukamp inspirational letter Continue reading...

2 pugs in total.

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