Sponsor a Rescued Pug

The following pugs will not be placed for adoption and will remain at Pug Rescue SA. If you would like to sponsor them by donating towards their care this would be most welcome.

Pug Rescue SA has a policy of a "right to a quality life" - these Pugs are still living a quality life but require special care. Although we have adopted out special needs pugs not many people want to take on this responsibility.

When making a donation towards sponsoring one of our special needs pugs then please use your name and the name of the pug as reference when you make a deposit into the Pug Rescue SA bank account.

Black, male Pug, approx 5 years old
A fawn female pug.10 years old.
A fawn female pug.10 years old.
fawn male Pug, 9 years old
fawn male Pugs, father and son. approx 10 and 11 years old
male fawn Pug, approx 8 years old- Blind
fawn, female Pug, 6 years old
male, cross breed, approx 6 years old
male fawn Pug, approx10 years old
Male, fawn pug, approx 8 years old
Fawn, male pug, 11 years old
Oupa is a fawn male pug, and he is 10 years old
Black, male pug. 5 years old
Golden Oldie: Special Needs
Golden Oldie: Blind
Golden Oldie: Special Needs
Golden Oldie: Blind
Golden Oldies: Blind and Special Needs
Golden Oldie: Blind and Medical Needs
Angel Face: Partially Blind
Precious 7 month old black disabled puglet
3 year old male fawn pug
black female pug, 6 years old
Male Light Fawn Pug, approx 2 years old.
A shy female fox terrier cross, approx 4-5 years old.
Fawn female pug, approx 4 years old. This sweet little girl has a a mast cell tumour on her shoulder and is currently on medical hold. She is a spunky little puglet and knows her way around Pug Rescue SA.
A female pug, approx 8years old.
A male peke cross toy pom. Approx 7 years old.

28 pugs in total.

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