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Robin is a male, fawn Pug and he is approx 7 years old.Robin is such a sweet boy. He has really improved since he arrived at the Sanctuary in Sept '17 He did not have the best life, he was in such a state of neglect and it horrifies us that there are people out there who do this to animals. Robin has such a nice nature, he loves his friends at the Sanctuary and adores the attention he gets.
Please consider giving Robin a forever home, where he will be loved and adored....where he will learn that not all humans are like his previous owners. Robin deserves that chance

Please consider giving a rescue Pug a forever home. Once they were someone's puppy, once they were chosen, loved and adored, once they had their very own they are at a shelter waiting for a second chance. Despite what people think, a rescue dog is not second hand, they are full of love and truly deserve a chance.

Published on 10 December 2018

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