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We adopted little Miss Luna from Pug Rescue at the end of July this year.

We were told that she had been caged for the 8 years of her life, did not know what a "garden" was and did not know the meaning of love and the security of a family, so of course when we collected her from Pug Rescue, she was terrified. Her breathing was heavy and she shivered all the way home, her little paws gripping onto me for dear life. For a precious little animal to be so scared of people, was shocking and so terribly sad.

When we tried to move in close to her, she ran or cowered down onto the ground, like a scared little rabbit...terror in her eyes. For 2 weeks we struggled with her trying to get her to understand that we were not a threat. However, each day was better than the last and we could see the improvement. We sat with her everyday, and spoke to her, and as time progressed we gave her a few strokes here and there, and could see that she was opening up to us.

After about 3 weeks, her personality was starting to come through. She would follow us when we were in the garden, beg for food (don't all pugs!) and let us stroke her and give her all the affection she so deserved.

Today, Luna is one of the family. She knows the words "Munchies", "Biscuit" and "Biltong" and balances on her two back legs while waiting for her "Munchies", quite the circus dog J She loves affection, and pushes in with our 3 other dogs (a Labrador, a Jack Russell and a Pug) to get her share of the affection and attention! Her favourite thing in the world is a tummy rub J. When I get home, she gives me such a welcome - her whole body moves with excitement! She is such a sweetie pie and we love her to bits.

We are so glad to have been able to give Luna love, hope, security and the home she never knew.

So if you are thinking of adoption, please do. They all need a second chance. You can't put a price on Love.

Published on 4 October 2014

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