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A male pug.9 years old. He was a stray and was being looked after by 2 Nigerian security guards, who made sure he was safe and fed (Petleys tinned food, with the pug dog on :))

He only has one ear, we don't know how he lost this ear, seems to be an old injury. But he is now safe at Pug Rescue South Africa where he is now up for adoption, after having "the pug makeover" this boy deserves a happily ever after, where he will be safe, loved and adored.

Wolsley came to Pug Rescue SA IN Jan 2014.....we are now in 2017 and he has had not ONE application in for him. The ear he lost, we have been told that sometimes due to continual infections, as a last resort, the ear flap is removed. Now this is an expensive operation, so someone must have loved him enough to pay for the op.....so why did they not look for him?? why for over 3 years has this poor boy sat at a shelter??

He is an adorable boy, never causes fights, always happy....please consider giving this sweet boy a home

Published on 5 April 2016

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