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* Sorry, I’m not available for adoption *


Year of birth: 2010
Arrived at Pug Rescue: June 2019

I too have no story to tell. I arrived at Pug Rescue SA in a terrible state.

I was covered in ticks and fleas. The ticks were so bad that they were burrowing under my skin.

I also had hair loss and what appears to be oil placed on my back.I really arrived in a sorry state.

Pug Rescue gave me a batch and tick and flea treatment.The ticks were so bad and my overall state was so bad that Pug Rescue took me straight to the vet.

I was admitted for a night to “clean” up. Two days later I was admitted back into hospital as I had tick bite fever.

Pug Rescue SA have been so kind to me and I get stronger every day.

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