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* Sorry, I’m not available for adoption *


Year of birth: 6 June 2008
Arrived at Pug Rescue: 5 April 2019

My partner Leila and I first arrived at Pug Rescue in July 2013. We were surrendered as our owner was no longer able to care for us.

I am KUSA registered. We were both fortunate to be adopted together in 2014 to a lovely family in Durban.

They already had their sons two Pugs living with them. Whilst living in Durban I became a diabetic, I think this was due to all the weight I had gained.

Our new owners were moving into a retirement home where they are only able to have 2 dogs, so, according to the Pug Rescue contract we had to be returned to Pug Rescue.

We were collected from Durban by Malcolm and Cheryl and transported back to the sanctuary. I was weighed and with a huge gasp my weight of 14.4kg was noted.

Yes I was placed on diet straight away.

I am fed two meals a day which is suitable for my diabetes and I receive my insulin twice a day. I am now losing my sight due to my diabetes.

My partner Leila and I have settled back into life at Pug Rescue and we are well cared for.

Please donate toward my food as Pug Rescue is now my safe place where I have a warm bed to sleep in and I get two nutritious meals a day.

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