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* Sorry, I’m not available for adoption *


Year of birth: 2012
Arrived at Pug Rescue: November 2016

I was found on the side of the road by neighbourhood watch and luckily Pug Rescue offered to help and at just the right time, as I had 100-200 ticks on me and was dying from Babesia.

I was rushed off for a blood transfusion that luckily saved my life, but the road ahead for recovery was a long one with many vet visits and skin treatments along the way.

My eyesight is very poor due to Keratitis and my teeth are quite worn as they think I may have been eating rocks to try to fill my hungry tummy.

I am extremely emotional. I live life to the fullest and find the same things every day extremely fascinating and so love to bark at all I can see.

I have had to have a behaviourist help me through my journey but at the end of the day, I am loved for who I am. I may have many behavioural hang ups from my past, but I am one happy and lucky unique pug.

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