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* Sorry, I’m not available for adoption *


Year of birth: 2008
Arrived at Pug Rescue: September 2015

A concerned neighbour spotted me and saw the life I was living. I was so skinny, dirty and full of sores. My meals consisted of bones and pap and I was extremely hungry. She was desperate to help me and got Pug Rescue involved as well as a behaviourist. They all worked closely together for over a month trying to negotiate my surrender.

Upon examination they discovered that I seem to have been used as a bait dog. I have a healed broken jaw, hardly any teeth and I was so angry for 3 months that I barked all night and still scavenged for food in my foster mom’s bin.

I only have one eye which is Keratitis blind so my world is dark but the love I get now makes it bright and colourful. I am Nathan, aka the ‘mountain goat’, as I am fearless and will climb anything that is in my way.

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