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* Sorry, I’m not available for adoption *


Year of birth: 2015
Arrived at Pug Rescue: February 2018

My brother and I were surrendered to Pug Rescue as our mommy had lost her job and was no longer able to care for us.

When I arrived at Pug Rescue it was noticed that I had a strange way of walking so I was taken to the vet for a consultation.

It was discovered that I have a hemivertebra and there was nothing that could be done surgically for me.

The prognosis of walking with this condition is very poor and paralysis is inevitable.

I am slowly becoming paralysed but Pug Rescue SA take me for rehabilitation and I work hard everyday with this awesome team at slowing down the progression of my condition.

Pug Rescue buy me special shoes to help with my walking and preventing me from injuring my paws.

When I eventually need a wheelchair Pug Rescue will get me one.

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